DD (21.07.1994 / Malaysia)

The Meaning Of True Friendship

Although a true friendship is said
to be just like a wind
that always there around us
but sometimes it is silent......
Although it is said not to be as the rain,
that always pours and then is gone away.....
but the true things that has been in my mind
is that a true friendship
is not just a word
that is said by the lips
that can be said easily by others
but it is something
that is more valuable
than a gold, diamond
that is said to be pretty and precious.
It is a kind of relationship
that needs one's sincerity
and love
not just for the guy
but is also needed by the woman.....
And the only person
that can received
this special relationship
is someone that is really special
and that is you, my friend......

-Dedicated to my special friend and all my friends-

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Comments (2)

you have expressed the true essence of friendship..brilliant work
very nice...yes true friendship is hard to find, , , but once u find it dont let it go., , , coz we realize the value of friendship when we lose it...goood write..