The Media’s Choice

Lifted up high in the public’s eye, people no better than you or I,
On a platform they take a stand, conveying lies across the land,
Lifted high for all men to see, as an influence upon you and me,
Promoting things in God’s eyes, for all peoples is far from wise.

Men powered by the media elite, who from God shall see defeat.
Much of what these men broadcast, in God’s plan will never last.
What they broadcast may not be, truth conveyed to you and me,
For by the media they’re endued, to offer facts that are skewed.

Power from the god of this world, so it’s his lie that they herald,
Using the many network airwaves, Satan uses men he depraves.
All of those who never speak of, The Lord God, reigning above,
Thinking they know so much; in regards to God are out of touch.

Thrust into the media spotlight, espousing ways out of the night.
Things many believe are taboo, are forced on, both me and you,
By those with no morality within, to seduce this generation to sin.
Thinking they’ve outwitted God, while scorning His righteous rod.

Moving from His Eternal Word, their amorality is what is inferred.
Throwing off all moral restraint, the very souls of many they taint,
Those media chosen individuals, affecting a generation of souls,
Who in the end like you and me, shall face The Truth for Eternity.

by Bob Gotti

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