The Meek

Poem By Moriah Lederman

She travels alone, carried by currents
unknown even to her.
Here but for a moment.
Fragrant blossoms rest upon her head
permeating everything about her, causing
remembrance of the splendid spring and
fairer things.
Soft is her embrace, yet still leaves
imprints upon the soul.
Virtuous, trusting, empathic and kind
gentle and fragile, yet strong and
All stand in awe and anticipate her next
whim or wile.
Don't forget the gentle breezes that
caress you.
For they are here but fleetingly, and
make tiny impacts that change everything
they touch.

Comments about The Meek

Marvelous all the things you associate with her. That last sentence holds my attention: 'make tiny impacts that change everything they touch.' How true.
The touch of the gentle breeze is sometimes too spiritual to comprehend. It can only be felt. What a beautiful poem! Perfect 10!
You had me whisked away already at whim or wile, more was not needed. Very lovely.
Sheer loveliness! The form of this poem is very special. Well done!
This is a gentle, lovely poem. Raynette

Rating Card

4,7 out of 5
3 total ratings

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