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The Meeting.
CP ( / Shelfield.Staffs.England.)

The Meeting.

Poem By Cecilia Parkin

They stood on the platform
still, and unspeaking.
Hands held,
Eyes not meeting! .

So short a while
since first they met-
Only seven days
and nights-and yet!

They'd scaled the heights
with heart and soul.
Two minds as one,
An eclectic role.

But now the time
had come to part.
To separate ways
but what the Heart? .

The train arrived
She paused, climbed on.
Hands and hearts touched
then she was gone! .

He walked away
head down in thought.
'Was it for real!
not all for naught'.

Or had they both been
just middle-aged fools.
Chasing a dream
while at Summer School? .

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