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The Memories
MM (01-04-1985 / Indonesia)

The Memories

Poem By Maria Magdalena

Does loving somebody always have to be this
Each and everytime I let my heart go
It always comes back wounded
Don't I deserve any love at all or don't I love

Each and everytime I tried to suppress myself
Tried not to love anybody
Someone will always come and show me love
Then, when I finally gave in...

That someone will leave...
Dissappeared to nowhere
Leaving my heart bleeding
And tears falling

Why it it always have to be this way
Why can't they just leave me alone
Don't come at all
Then I won't be hurt

I wish I have never known you
Even as you once given me beautiful memories
But, now becomes so bitter to be remembered
I'd rather not have them at all

How could I ever trust anyone again?
Once and once again
My heart is broken into pieces
Pieces that I wonder will ever be mended this time

How many times do I have to learn the hard way?
The one that has given me light
Now, left me in the darkest night
And don't even bother to look backway

Thank you...
Thank you for the memories
Although, I'd rather not have them
But, since I already have them

I'll cherish them
As those are the only things I could have from you
That would never be forgotten

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