The Memory Book

They gathered together for one final day
With him who had joined them in much work and play
In that childhood year that had come to an end
And now, a farewell to him, they wished to send. A small book for images to be secured
In transparent plastic, they all had procured
And when the long day was done, to him they would
Give for all his help that, for them, had been good. Each page of the book would, a memory, hold
A face and a message that, there, would unfold
From every young mind that had, by him, been there
To be nurtured strongly with knowledge and care. For quite a long time would her cherish and keep
That gift from the heart with emotions so deep;
Long afterwards when their young lives would, upon
Their many paths, into adulthood, have gone. Then, someday, the efforts of living would wane
But all of the images there would remain
Within that book, telling of times long gone by
That would, to his hear be bound, never to die.

by Frank Cortazo

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