(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' The Memory Of Water(For Scarlet)

Water remembers you
falling now on your sleeping face

waking you from dreams
with its surprise

after you fell asleep
at your first pinic.

Water remembers your childish

Water remembers you

holding your body
in its body

as you learn not to fear it
as you learn the words float...sink...swim.

Water remembers you
becoming its friend.

Water remembers you
diving into its honeymoon waters

becoming fishes....kisses
lasting from here to eternity.

Water remembers two
delerious skinnydippers.

Water remembers you
crying in its rain

sobbing 'I'll never fall in love again! '
as if you were an old 1950's tune.

Water remembers such tears
hiding them in its rain.

Water remembers you
laughing in the rain

having fallen in love again

so quick to change
your tune.

Water remembers you
laughing here we go again.

Water remembers you
soaking wet in a sudden thunder storm

flowers held in your hand
having lost their heads

presenting her
with nothing but stalks.

Water remembers you
having to wear her old dress

as she dried your clothes.

Water remembers
kisses lost amonst the roar of a fire.

Water remembers you
& is saddened to find you

with no answers
with no questions

here on this bridge
reflecting itself

here in its depths
where only silence lives

holding you
as before

only water
remembers your death.

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Comments (2)

I will take this and read it again and again until it's in my brain and if you will permit me I would like to recite it at a club meeting next week. This is a splendid piece Donall.-10
This is just so beautiful..and so sad! That last stanza is so heart breaking that it brought those remembered tears...down my cheeks, as water remembered sadness, and loss, and joy... Will there ever be a way I can thank you for remembered joy? The poems you have shared with me? Thanks just don't seem to be enough to tell you how much I have enjoyed what you have given to me, little gifts of sunshine and love and sadness and parting, sharing of childhood's sweet rememberences and adulthood's love and pain. You are an awesome poet, My Dearest Friend, and a man with the ability to move forward...and back as well. Thank you!