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The Men In The Trees

There once was a girl who lived In a house.
She started to day dream while wearing a blouse
She walked outside and what did she see?
It was a man pretending he was a sheep!
She was startled and asked why are you dressed up as a sheep?
He said he was being chased by wolves in his sleep
The girl walked on and thought nothing to it
She skipped pass another weird man and moved quick
By the time she got to the place she wanted to be
A lunatic grandpa was stuck in a tree
He screamed 'the world is too pretty for me to sleep, I'll stay up here until you little ladies sweep! '
The girl was appalled by his sexist remarks, she walked close to the tree and here are her remarks:
'Sir please realize you're wrong, it's men who are feeble they can't even fathom thongs. They act proud and so strong when tasks are at hand but when it comes down to it they need a lady's helping hand'
The man said shut up and she went on her way, not crying but smiling as she knew this game
The final stop was the store out front mill street
She met a boy who said 'hello, I don't think you're meek or weak or feeble, I could actually use your help I don't usually trust people'
The girl said sure and moved along
The world is messed up and boys aren't that strong
She went to bed with a smile knowing she was King
No man bled monthly or could hit high notes when they sing
That was the moment she realized she was happy alone
The players and women haters could call on the phone
She would never answer and that was fine
And then one day she met Mrs. Right in the lunch line

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man dressed in the fur of a sheep, a man on the top of the trees, the store out front mill street she went out to sleep thinking she was a great being. then one day she met Mrs. Right in the lunch line... thank you dear poetess. so fine an imagination... thank you. tony
the players of life are true human..