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The Men In White Coats Are Coming To Get Me

I'm cracking at my seems
The men in white coats are coming to get me
Don't let them take me

I'm not medicated
I haven't taken them little yellow pills
In a couple of months

They tell me i'm crazy
Well maybe clinically insane
But who cares
Not me of course

Pain goes shooting through my body.
What are they putting in my veins?

They tell me i'm too stressed out
What do they know?
They're just men
In white coats

I hear them talking
They say it's a breakdown
The girl has gone mad
It's a wonder she didn't off herself last monday

I say all men in white coats
Are my enemy!
They should be destroyed at once!
They're a menace to society!

Sorry people i'm not all
You thought i was
It's ok you must have
Mistaken me for someone else

Tears pour down my face
As they put me in restrains
They say i'm a danger to myself and others
What do they know
They're just men in white coats


Don't let them lock me up
People told me once you go in there
You never come out

I hear them coming down the hall
Im never going to see the light of day again
Cause the men in white coats have got me


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