- The Mercedes Man

I drive a brand new Mercedes
I run companies
I buy factories
My bankers, like buddies

I provide entire families
My will shapes reality
I’m a captain of enterprise

I’m so busy
I can’t find time for me
To just be

People look at me with envy
And that’s just where I want to be

Because even if you look at me
You will never see
That inside
I feel empty
No poetry

Well, Got to go
As you know
Time is money
Can't waste any

I’m important
I’m a president
I'm a winner
I'm a mover-shaker

Don’t hate me because I claimed my prize
I’ll just look you in the eye
With my million-dollar smile
And tell you, losers
Just between you and I
When one drives a brand new Mercedes
Who need’s poetry?

by Ronberge (anno primo)

Comments (4)

Very well put! Good write!
J'aime beaucoup! ce cynisme...! !
very well said.........go for yours.
Now don't go flaming me because you own a Mercedes... Chances are if your reading this, you're not aimed at. Right? Of course there are exceptions. I just haven't met any.