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The Mermaid
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The Mermaid

From the calm of the waters
From the leagues of the sea
You can hear her calling
From the depths of the sea

You will hear her singing
The sound soothes your heart
She is the queen of the bottom
The mermaid of the dark

If you chance a glance at her
You wont believe your eyes
Her beauty captivates you
You can feel her inside

She is the queen of the fathoms
She has come for you
You go so willingly
These few moments that have you

As she takes your hand
And you take your last breath
In the depths of the oceans
Among others you lay rest

She doesn't really know
She doesn't understand
Only what she's found
From a wonderous place called land

She lives her life alone
In the darkness of the sea
But you are now with her
Her sole company

She is the queen of the bottom
Mermaid of the sea
Her voice captivates you
Her beauty beyond belief.

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