CH (June/64 / New England, USA)

The Mermaid Tear

I walk along the shore and reach down in the sand,
Finding a small white piece of sea glass now tight in my hand.
A mermaid tear, once a shard of sharp glass,
Smoothed, perfected over time in the ocean's current,
To the shore had been cast.

This shore is my santuary, my temple, my peace.
I've neglected it's beckoning calls, as I've neglected my soul.
A place to replenish my emotional exhaustion, my retreat.

I walk barefoot, skipping each breaker that tries to catch me.
The mermaid tear still in my hand.
The sea foam playfully tickling my feet... as if to forgive me.

I can see Block Island in the distance, the jetty nearby.
Such emotion, such beauty, a true nature's gift.
I don't even realize my own tears welling in my eyes.

White caps in the horizon, the current and rip tides.
Forever constant, forever continual, each wave, each breaker.
Water now gray as the clouding overcast sky.

I am newly awakened, intoxicated by the salty air,
As I make my way reluctantly back to the cottage.
I am at peace now, no longer in despair.

A reminder of my return, treasured by me.
That very mermaid tear now sits on my desk today.
A tiny gift left by a daughter of the sea.

(February 2007)

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This shore is my sanctuary, my temple, my peace. I've neglected it's beckoning calls, as I've neglected my soul. the shore the room of repose heart throbs like waves of sea heart when thrums by the stimuli storm mills through the sea the waves are blue and my heart too heart yet beckons as the ocean azure..............unique exposition self by the side of seashore, where we review our rave up reminiscence, heart rhythms like sea, yet luscious blue, ingeniously thought provoking,10+, thanks for sharing
a poem soft and sweet...breezing on reader's sense...good lines
Whe I read something like this, I think of possibilities. Possibilities of all kinds. GW62
'Neglected my soul' and all the emotional despair of the poet are conveyed vividly, with a return to the normal. At the same moment this emotional refuge was an important tryst, a manner to absorb emotionally the force needed to carry on...that's how it seems to be. Beautiful and evocative.