CS ( / Price, Utah)

~the Messenger~

Who I am to sit upon judgement
to hear of the tails of this before me
what knowledge do I possess
that makes me worthy
to hand out punishment
or life
and each day that goes by
and words that fill all the books
written and scribed
touched and spoken
feeling the dirt under my feet
as the dust settles with each sound
of the gavel as it pounds
and in the thundering noise
a whisper
soft and sweet the echo
like a choir
the faces are sad and unspoken
waiting for truths
or lies
and in the chair that I sit
I ask again who am I
to sit in judgement
and up above I hear
in response to my question
a voice
“You are the messenger”
listen with your heart
and see with eyes
that god has given you
and even if others disagree
hold still to your ground child
for all will be revealed
“You are the messenger”
and I bow my head
and I know
in that instant
all that I have known all my life
things taught in a sleeping wake
and will do as instructed
speaking loud and clear
when asked my vote
not concerned with others
only the issue at hand
for “I am the messenger….”

by Candie Saldana

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An apocalyptic feeling in this excited poem, where a tiring life appears through.