(29 May 1929 / South Africa)

The Midnight Hour

the midnight hour
has a special quality
a stillness of graveyards
after hours
am I the only one
alive to hear the dead
astir in their grave?
perhaps, I am dying
and now aware
only when the midnight hour
had passed
will my spirit depart
to take solitary walks
along the stars
and rest in the moon’s crescent
sipping moondew
from translucent goblet
seeking traces of others
who had wandered this way
ears strain to capture
echoes of conversations
of the past
refreshed, i continue passage
along heaven’s breadth
dawn finds me
blanket-wrapped entombed
on the cement floor
of my cell

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An Artist of light shining through the very depths of twilight hour which the minor majority would succomb to given only a taste. Do persist in your way and continue your very journey for He is with you be it on that cold floor or in the paradise envisioned in faith. He is!