The Midnight Mistress

Poem By Rachard Logan

Could it be?

Be you the Mistress of the Midnight hour
Full of such beauty and grace
Whose body and aroma is like the sweetest flower
And who has such an enchanting face?

It couldn't be?

Be you the midnight hour's Concubine
Who's being is most divine
With the loveliest of curves and bust,
For whom all men say, 'I need her! I must! '

Yes! It is!

Oh Midnight Mistress
How your beauty put me in such distressing eustress
All men must surely look like a mess
For their love and admiration they know not how to confess

I have a message.

'Your being so intriguing
Your simple fragrance brings deliverance
Your sense of euphoria makes all wish to have more of you.

You're so sublime that all wish 'You must be all mine', so I'll dropp more than one line to show you how I define your kind. You're one that would have man to stand and fan you, and eagerly to you they tend and have their backs bend as your dignity and honor they try to defend, and kiss your lovely hand with them thinking you're a godsend as you are of highest demand, and they think they have the cleverest of plans to earn your trust, so they just fuss over who gets to stay in your muss, for they crave your lust, and they would cuss and wage nothing but war, and there's even more in store since your beauty had hit them to the very core! '

And it ends with...

'I know you might feel concern
But it is you that all men truly yearn
And through all of it, I hope you was able to discern

That you should tone it down a bit and to stop before all the men the in the world kill themseves over you since you're already taken.

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