The Midnight Train

I call her the midnight train to a bittersweet sunrise
She takes me disappering into the night like a hurricane of love
Drops me off in the morning where the hidden sorrows make a scene
Some call me lovesick when I sing that beautiful sad song for her
Her smile in her eyes, her charms in her smile where everything shines

Remember when we were hiding at the top of the hill
Pretending we were indians on the run with no fear for anything at all
Giving the finger to the world and the chaos around us
We danced in the stream of a magic river while we sucked time dry
We tied our hands to the moon and watch each others eyes seriously
You told me about the empty sky and the secret angels in hell
You told me we could be pure so far from home forever only you and me
But how come you going nowhere when I'm already there?
Like a lonely word in the sadest poem, I wait for you agian and again

In the endless night the snow falls so beautiful and bright
As I'll be around to warm you with my cold hands
Comfort you with my sad eyes and uncomfortable words
It's no surprise I'll be around for your blues again and again
Only lucky time can make you mine to hold tight
I wrote you another beautiful sad song
And just like the sound from the gentle silence I'll sing it for myself

Last night I took a helpless trip through constant pain in my mind
To throw the love I never won in the biggest sea with this poem
Love is to face the truth where the sad music is playing softly in the dark
And you sit dead drunk and alone with the melody that shines the most

Even though I have shoes stucked to the floor and a terrible stagefried
I'm still trying to join your beautiful and dangerous dance
Every night when the moon comes floating by in this magic river
I think of you

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