The Might Of The Messiah!

Poem By Denis Martindale

From Heaven's glory Jesus went
To save the world below
And fulfilling each commandment
Meant holy blood must flow...
As Jesus prayed that He be spared,
God's angel strengthened Him,
Such that He stood, no longer scared,
With faith filled to the brim!

The greatest story ever told
Was of the King of Kings,
As Jesus shed His blood like gold,
Behold how His back stings...
While still alive, His body torn,
A crown of thorns above,
They mocked the Saviour so forlorn,
With scorn instead of love...

Behold the Man! The crowd was cruel,
His kingship tattered now,
Such that their wisdom thought Him fool,
Not worthy of a bow...
Yet Jesus knew what lay ahead
And prophesied as much,
To say that He, when He was dead,
Would rise... and stay in touch...

The soldiers guarded in the gloom,
Where Jesus' shroud was laid,
They slept as God moved rock from tomb...
The news made folks afraid!
Disciples met the Saviour soon,
Thus Thomas praised the Lord,
When forced to sing another tune
That must not be ignored...

The might of the Messiah lives!
The Holy Spirit's gift
Is granted as the Lord forgives,
When true faith heals the rift...
That's why the Holy Bible's read
By billions here on Earth,
For what's in store and dead ahead
As Israel proves his worth...

The time shall come when Christ returns,
The whole wide world to own
And that's what every student learns
Who seeks what God has shown...
The world made new, no idle boast,
Yet Jesus, make things right!
Return with God's angelic host
With power and with might!


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