The Mighty Confluence

I am permanent
in my impermanence
in my change
in my mortality
in my transience

What do I cling to
to steady
my rocking boat
where is my anchor

Is there anything
in me
that can watch the change
imbibe it
experience it
embrace it
and remain unchanged
by it

How deeply
will I have to plumb
the treacherous canyons
of my consciousness
to find it

I strive
to make the “now”
into a tranquil ocean
that is fed
by an unceasing stream
of the future
to bring about
a transformation
so that
the past becomes the
road I leave behind
and the future
is expressed
in the ubiquitous

Only a mighty
can absorb movement
without being
can transform
without being transformed

Only total resignation;
total acknowledgement;
total and holistic
Of the inevitability
Of change
can transform turbulence
in to that of calmness

To remain unmoved
to watch the nuances
of change
without judging it
or interfering with it
is to have arrived

Written 07/07/2011

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