KSL ( / Katrina S. Lucas)

The Mighty Hand Of God

He reached down to earth,
and with his mighty hand,
He gave so much worth,
By creating man!
He reached down to a land,
Of peace and eternity,
As this man began to understand,
He was born to be free!
The creator of heaven and earth,
Show the man all these things,
But in his heart he needs worth,
So God's mighty hand made woman sing!
They danced among the hills of brown,
But danger lurked on a tree,
The serpent made God frown,
As the couple sinned then could see!
Now is the time,
We should open our eyes,
Now is the time,
We hear God's sighs!
For this is a lesson we learn,
Of Holy Wars on Holy God,
Of the Gift of His return,
Out of the mighty hand of God!

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