MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

The Mighty Tarzan

There is a fire burning inside me
I need to extinguish it with a beer
But what if the fire keeps burning
And I perish in the flames of fear

I need a smoke to feel the high
I need a snort to feel the blood in my veins
But all I have are tear drops
That fall like the pouring rain

Is anyone listening to my screams of pain
Can anyone feel the sorrow in my heart
Is there a pair of open arms that can hold me
Can anyone put me together now that I've fallen apart

If I die with a slash of my wrists
Will it make the morning news
Or will I be a forgotten soul
Like the poor and the abused

I sit in darkness going thru withdrawal
While people in Africa starve and pray for food
I try and think of all who have it worse than me
But it does me no good

All I can think of is the monkey on my back
He is hungry and full of rage
The monkey wants to ravage my soul
That is why I keep him in a cage

All my life I've fed the monkey
As he shit down my back
But the smell never bothered me
Becoz I was high on crack

Now the monkey is in a cage
But he desparately wants to break free
If the monkey gets loose
For sure he will kill me

Will the monkey ever go away
Will the monkey ever die
Why does the monkey laugh
When I shed a tear and cry

Got to be strong and I've got to survive
The monkey wants to kill this man
Little does the fuckin' monkey know
That he's messin' with The Mighty Tarzan

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