The Mile

I was travelin' down the mile,
And look what I found.
Somethin' lookin' all messed up,
Right here on the ground.
It's shiny,
The surface is shimmering.
What is this thing?
You can't believe what I was thinking.
It's round,
It's flat.
It's the strangest thing,
Do you know what?
I know what it is now.
I can't believe it,
It must of worked out like this somehow.
This terrible thing,
On the ground right in front of me.
It wasn't some dead animal,
Nor/Or a branch of a tree.
It had the same eyes, mouth,
Even the same nose.
Oh my god!
It's even wearing the same clothes.
The eyes are bloodshot,
The nose all bloody.
Blood crawlin' down the corner of the mouth,
What happened to you buddy?
It's a pool of clear water,
With a face lookin' back.
And what I'm seeing shook me,
I'm a train coming off the track.
The face looking back,
Wasn't a friend or a foe.
The sort of a face that haunts,
Tales of woe.
I knew there was a problem,
I just wasn't seeing it.
I tried to use the water,
To get my face clean of it.
The face looking back,
It's a face I remember.
It's a face I saw last,
In a cold November.
Lookin' in a mirror,
To see what there is to see.
And the face looking back was my face,
It was me.

by Sam Price

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I've always loved this one, it's beautiful. it's just a shame that you never post any poems anymore.