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The Millionaire's Waltz
DS (29 june 1965 / newcastle under lyme)

The Millionaire's Waltz

Poem By dave sherratt

'Hello my beauty's. Is it happening? '
Wembley Arena. A kind of magic.
'I won't be a rockstar. I'll be a legend.'
A quote that oozed of logic.

'Go with it boy, give it everything yo've got.'
Milton Keynes. Encouraging Brian May
'Money won't buy happiness. But it dam wll gives it.'
His first time. His first payday.

'Hey my people. You out there? '
Leeds, Hot Space.Addressing his nation
'I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear.'
Musical postitution. A legal creation.

'Kiss my sweet Ass.Lazy Dasiy.'
B'rum. Music press upset him.
'20 years. I'll be dead my darling. You crazy? '
Eccentric and mad. But sorrow with in.

'This crappy guitar only plays 3 chords.'
Knebworth. crazy little thing, on his guitar.
'Sod today. It's tomorrow. Shut up and go home.'
Interviewer mithering. Fred wants to party.

'We will, we will rock you.' SING IT AGAIN.
He commands. We sing.
'I'd make a lousy housewife. I can't cook, clean, iron'
'sew, wash and ironing..........' yep (he said it twice)

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