The Mind

The food we eat,
The hours we keep,
Awake or asleep,
We stressed at a beep
Or relaxed to the beat...

What do you see in
your mental picture?
A healthy balance
or an obsessive creature?

You lie awake, a sleepless night
Toss and turn with eye shut tight
Now open your eye, the other eye
take a leap, imagine wings, then flight...

Traject yourself to a quiet beach
white sands gives way beneath your feet
summer winds blow kisses onto your face
Lightest embraces of feathery lace.

Your will sails into an empty space
Breathe in deeply, slowest pace.
Listen to the sound of a serene gaze
where nothing moves and nothing stays
Listen to the void that's in your mind,
Where sub conscious wakes dreams, plays.

by Philo Yan

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Comments (2)

A wonderful rhythmic and psychological piece of work. Thanks
You delve deep in the sea of mind and consciousness. Nice.10