The Mind

Poem By Eliseo Rivera

Our mind is a strange phenomenon
Although this may sound meaningless
One could become a retard or a genius
Take Einstine for instance
People question the condition of his existance
But people are too ignorant to distinguish the diffference
So they make assumptions based on one's apperance
Rather than their intelligence or experince
Our mind is a powerful tool
It's what lets us choose what to do
It stores all our knowledge and memories
Our best friends and our enemies
But an overload of the brain
Can cause one to go insane
This is when the brain has too much information
And confuses one's intention
Or just an over use of the imagination
At this point it's called insanity
Supposably posing a threat to humanity
So they're locked up in an asylum
Waiting for they're time to come
Slowy becoming bothersome
A certain feeling of anxity
Takes over their personality
Confusing their mentality
N in their minds
Creating an alternive reality
They're imprison by their own mind
Making freedom impossible to find
But wit time
They'll slowly uncover the key
Which will set them free
Cuz physically
They're imprisioned enternally
Don't let anyone bring u down by calling u names
Cuz both of u r in one da same
Now u kno da differnce between insane n normality
Don't let ur worst fear become a reality
Cuz if ur knowledge is based on sumone's opinon
Then ur life is not worth living in


Comments about The Mind

Who is to say whether we are on the outside looking in or the inside looking out... Good work Elisio

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