The Mind And Machine

Poem By AHO Speaks

A wonderful, fascinating and mysterious place
Our mind on top and behind; the human face
The motor that drives our bodily machine
Maker, compiler and memory; for most earthly scenes.

Similar to a computer but more can be done
To laugh and cry and certainly have more fun
A gift to make a decision by individual choice
To paint our words with an emotional voice.

To turn ourselves on and off when we need
The human words of fair, equal and also good deeds
The computer and mind both need a power source
One man made and one given by God; of course.

Sense's like a camera to form
Available to each on the day we are born
Pictures that carry emotional sound
Stored in our memory for eternity bound.

The mind has two in which to select
One of harvest and one can reject
A computer of only one's and zero's
No vision of role models nor earthly hero's.

The computer is a wonderful machine
Circuits of micro but never a maker of dreams
Faster processing but has to be told what to do
Time not important; like it is for me and you.

A computer can only judge by parameters given
The human by all the sense's, experience and knowledge, of living
Choice a gift like a spiritual seed sown
Restrictive use until the child has grown.

A computer's brain only an imitation
Never to accede to the level of human relation
Each has a virus that can be spread
One can be cured while the other not to remember what it said.

When the computer finally gets tired
They also enter the realm we humans call 'retired'.
Eventually we will be gone with our uniquness of mind
To hear the voice; 'come my child for you really are mine'..
10-07-05 Aho Speaks

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