True Friendship So Rare!

A true Friendship so special and more than rare
Like the precious gem found not, everywhere
It’s a perfect joy and beauty with good grace.
When a heart is filled with a true friend’s face.
The hand touches you, love and special care.
And soon be the best of friends when in despair.
Makes you smile through all the darkest days...
Plants precious memories in the hearts to stay.
Shares your secret and is always there for you..
With honesty concern to help you make it through!

by shirani ibrahim

Comments (1)

Brilliant writing. Many a gem. However, I could not follow all the threads because overall there was a pessimism, and if my mind is the one descending from the family problems to the fish for sale I feel tricked. But it is also hard to trust a poem in which the characters, such as the families and the fish and the mollies with flintlocks seem sincere and unselfconscious and trust the world but the poet doesn't and her mood is ironical and cynical.