The Mind Of A Blacksmith...

My anvil and hammer are good I often think
But my metal cannot be heated that easy
Leave alone shaping it one day into a knife.
Some one is doing the mischief here.

The smell of the melting steel
Dies out as I sprinkle my little water over it.
But I want to shape it till
My ego says I too am with a knife at last.

The confluence of your arms and arguments
Unnerves me and I am finished
But the blacksmith in me wakes up
And prepares a new anvil and a hammer!

The lost sleep is no more an illusion
And the dreams keeping aloof are delightful neither.
My conflicts are that of having these two
A bed to sleep on for long
And a night that cannot burst like a bubble.

My anvil and hammer are no more in demand
And a gold smith and his friends laugh at me!
My iron may soon rust away, I am afraid
Whose anvil shall I search for now?

The resolution of my conflicts with time,
And the few people whom I really know
Have to be thrown into a new fire
And I cannot be that black smith any more!

by M.D Dinesh Nair

Comments (4)

Very insightful having all the ingredients of a life both of darker side and brighter side introspected to conclude that I am becoming obsolete and a laughing stock before gold smith society and it's all game of time to decide which to hold dear and which near and in between life struggles to sustain.......a great write.....Dineshji.....10/10
Thoughtful write with great message hidden. All these things happens due to competitions and done by competitors mainly. my metal cannot be heated that easy Leave alone shaping it one day into a knife.......Very true said, it was strong enough that it can be bent down that easily. Some one is doing the mischief here...............Who is doing mischief, only who gain something from it. competitors. Jealousy too play the wonderful role in it. Very true said, a time comes when anvil and hammer are no more in demand, these thoughts are hitting the mind of blacksmith, as his product may no longer in demand because goldsmith products are in demand as they may not rust with the time. Anything not used for longer time, so its sure to rust. The concluding lines says all. At one point of time hammer and anvil were in demand, but with the change of time, When new things comes in market and the old things are no longer in demand. Competitors are benefited by this. I can relate this to many old machinery which had become today outdated and many lost the job especially in villages. Thoughtful write. I loved reading it. Actually this poem reflects in different angles.
Truce? Very good - reminds me of Matthew Arnold's poem 'The Last Word'.
A poem in which poem sees the dark side of life with the desire to brighten it..poet used the words anvil and hammer, iron and fire knife, rusting.. that the imagery as per the title..wisdom, wit, knowledge ... nice poem Dinesh you write from the core of society that is in your heart and mind .. a blithe soul you are..artificiality is away from your thought..truth that pains you because no one loves truth , its only in use..thank you