JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

The Mind Whisper

This is the power of something beyond imagination
Vision create scene coming in the senses image of the mind.
The amazing figure of particles giving a condition of the mind
To design in the thoughts surface that shows to the whole
Form of substance. The essential part of anything that exist
Through the concept of the mind imagination.

The dream of thoughts marvel to the extra ordinary
Individual who can deal the things to an open
Broad distance through the power of the mind.

The solid and strong intellect of sense reason conform in
The feeling of someone that can hold on to the sound of the
mind comes from something, somewhere beneath the senses of thoughts.

The real approaching of scene beyond reality of whisper
Coming to the one connected of life.The wealthy mind imagination
Aware to the whisper sound consist by the boldness of thoughts
Through the coming scene, the vision comes from the mind,
Moving in the realization of the present time.

The dream vision concept of details that rule the test to
Every particular individual connected to the creator itself.
The mind deal in the heart that has a solid belief that goes to the
Deep essence of surface compose of faith, lock by the substance
Of his power and majesty. The ruler of the universe
Move to any individual, through him who believe.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
24 December 2003
4: 32 AM

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