BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit

My wife was sanctified and set apart through The Spirit in her heart,
And from my wife's tender heart, to me words of Life she did impart.
Such is the work of The Holy Spirit, sent by God from the very start,
To go throughout the world around us changing every yielding heart.

God uses men to share the Gospel through the ministry of The Spirit,
Believers are to share God's Word with every heart that will hear it.
Death's inevitable for all Believers but with Hope we don't fear it,
For Believers are sealed for Eternity by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Jesus commissioned all Believers to spread His Word to all the earth,
Our mission is to lead men out of darkness to the Light of New Birth.
And as sinners to the cross, we bring nothing of any eternal worth,
But the price has been paid fully by the creator of the entire earth.

The Age of Grace is almost over and Almighty God will not be ignored,
When this Age is over all who remain will enter The Day of The Lord.
For vengeance is The Lord's only and for this day His Wrath is stored,
And that day will not end until on all the evil His Wrath is poured.

Until the end we need to preach to every tribe, tongue and nation,
For Jesus is still at the door offering to all His Eternal Salvation.
For all who are found in Christ Jesus will not face any condemnation,
Instead our lowly bodies will be transformed into His Glorification.

by Bob Gotti

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