The Miracle Of ?

The miracle of the inextirpable sunrise.
And the
The miracle of the ineffable sunset.
And the
The miracle of the beginning of things that's
Beginning to exist; nascent
The miracle of the beginning of fecund for
Man and woman, love and
Growth, together they bear
The miracle of bees of honey, and apiary.
Together they mell; a
Peaceful coexistence always. The miracle of poignant, when taste is bitter/sweet.
But overcome, and overwhelm.
The miracle of drupaceous; succulence, Berry, Cherry,
Plummy, and Peachy.
The miracle of green meadows; soft white clouds;
Their beauty echoes like a sound
That echo in the far-away distance.
The undeviated accruacy of bliss.
The miracle of night and day; sunlight and dark.
The miracle of forgiveness, as it blooms like
The miracle of the universe; and the everlasting
Of its being.
The miracle of God given life; the sweetest of all.

by J. Thomas, Jr.

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