The Mirror

Poem By Shyana Keajls

She stares at herself in the mirror,
Unaware of what is truely inside.
Her vision has never been clearer.
She finally feels satisfied.
As the black make-up slips down the drain,
A new face reflects from the glass.
No more sadness, sorrow, or pain
Right now the past is the past.
Because the days will always come and go,
And you will always be you.
The way you live your life will show,
So live them colorful, not blue.
She stares at herself in the shining stone
And realized her beauty had already shone

Comments about The Mirror

mirror, mirror who is the fairest of them all? I remember that. A couple of lines at the beginning has rough rhymes but in the next following lines it went smoothly, good flow yah know? I still consider it excellent.
Shy, (Yeah, I'm shortening your name because I won't get used to the full one for a while) I think that you should be whatever you want to be. Wash away the make-up, love Because you really don't need it. But give me some of this strength, Because after what He's done to you and what He's done to me, I think we're just stronger after all (:
Greeting! The mirror is when you look at yourself and see yourself for what God created you to be, Free to be whatever you want to be. Blessing!

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