My Reparations

my reparation is not true remission of sin
from material gains which will still sewer
into your secret vaults again by puppets
clad in old translucent opacity of leadership
gloating over debt cancellations from pillage
but from genuine altruistic tenets of sturdiness

no wealth can equate future value plundered
on the alter of any present total value we lost
to years of inhumanity of the fittest selection
in condescension of its baseless atonement
because diplomatic immunity from legal suit
can never be immunity from moral liability

while you give me fish I still wallow in hunger
then you hand me nets worn out by poverty
but what I need is the secrets of a fish pond
so that I can free my entire communal drudge
only then is my reparation not dismal but true
to halt the pestering, swarming your lofty barns.

Written by
Dela Bobobee

by Dela Bobobee

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