CH (April 16,1989 / Richmond, Virginia)

The Mirror Of Self-Loathing

It stares at me with unforgiving eyes
baring me down, haunting me with unending disgust
Can I not seek redemption?
Loathing expressed through a glance,
envy lining every hostile inch.

On the blood soaked carpet I feel my glory
sinking in the agony of pride
no family safe from the unstoppable hatred
I seek happiness on the edge of a razor
the gravity brings me a step closer to deism.

Such disgust, a step closer to divinity
no need to be ostracized
just because you're breathing
doesn't mean you're still alive

The insanity is never ending
the senseless bloodshed is mine to hold
grieve not on the knees of god
no one can save the forgotten
hence why we seek a peaceful end.

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This was beautiful...... 10+++