AL (02/12/91 / England)

The Mirror That Took

The mirror now cobwebbed in shame
under a dust carpet it stands
of a fair height gilded frame
on strangled victims lands.

Not ever known and understood
the evil soul that lived inside
to claw youth and life it would
to pass on its antiqueness they died.

Its face covered and clouded
as wounded aware of its truth
in beauty the misery shrouded
to wrench your innocence and youth.

Children would sit to look
in the mirror that aged with raconteur
through hypnosis their youth it took
standing in deceit and grandeur.

Hope and happiness it drew
from a paralyzed audience taken
in a dieing gaze they knew
of help they were forsaken.

The mirrors glamour was deadly
in little eyes the darkness spoke
taking as it could medley
as hands would reach to choke.

Shattered hands appear from within
the mirrored hell it leaves behind
to murder those with youthful skin
The contract toward torment signed.

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shattered hands...... wonderful line i must compliment. well done keep it up!