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The Missing Eighth Floor

For the last nine days my partner and I have been staying at this eight floor hotel.
It's four star plus rated, with an inside swimming pool, spa, and gym.
Staying on the top floor gives a great view of the outside pools and sea,
along with the palm trees, gardens, and sandy beaches, this is the place to be.

The reception, lobby, and the two elevators make our stay here most enjoyable,
but today something happened that left me feeling unsettled and disconnected.
As usual as I went from the ground floor I pressed the elevator button for the eighth.
However, to my dismay I had arrived at somewhere that certainly wasn't expected.

I was disorientated and questioned myself whether I had pressed the correct elevator button.
I found the stairs and walked down two floors just to confirm my sanity.
Sure enough I was convinced that my mind was sound, and I had arrived at the eighth floor.
So I climbed back up the two flights of stairs expecting everything to be as it ought to be.

But it wasn't, my mind was immediately thrown into turmoil, the situation was just not normal.
Something was definitely out of sinc', was it the hotel or was it me?
Once more I walked down two flights of stairs just to convince myself that I was not hallucinating.
I was okay and returned to the eighth, and began investigating the area to try and explain the mystery.

I stood in front of the elevator doors, as if I had just come out and tried to remember how it should be.
The hallway was smaller because it had been isolated from the left and right corridors by two fire doors.
The one on the left blocked the way to my room, so I partially opened it and saw that there was yet another,
so I gingerly, partially, opened that one, finally, at last I had solved the mystery of the missing eighth floor.

by Orlando Belo

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