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The Missing Elf
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Missing Elf

It was upon a time
when little boy named Poo
had ventured out to climb
into the City Zoo.

He went inside the cage
that housed a dozen monkeys
they flew into a rage
and woke the sleeping donkeys.

So Poo went to the lions
and pulled their mangy mane
what saved him was defiance
they thought he was insane.

Next door there lived the snakes
he thought they looked exciting
he soon came down with shakes
and some of them were biting.

He left the bloomin' zoo
there wasn't any action
at home, inside his loo
he got his satisfaction.

He pondered why it was
that he could not discover
his own genetic laws
and why he had to hover

and follow other boys
a shadowy reflection
he envied them their toys
and later the erection

of towers made from blocks
and teddybears with eyes
he felt that life's hard knocks
were hitting certain guys

he clung for many years
to others whom he hated
but never lost his fears
like Sigmund Freud has stated

he did not have a soul
specific to himself
it's likely someone stole
his godforsaken elf.

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ah....it's all so clear to me now. Interesting