The Mistress

I lie upon her bed and lick her face
Her arms, her hands and nibble at her ears,
why does she stop me when I love her so?
My body is alive with loving, all my years
Are filled with purpose just to let her know
She is my life. She loves me too because she talks to me
Of growing old together, then she strokes my thighs
Her sweet devotion brings me ecstasy
And I follow her around with liquid eyes
Then I bubble back to life because I know
I am her life. We do not romp upon the floor these days,
She is an older woman and I guess
Her energies are limited - less gay,
But I can still amuse her when she's low
And bring a happy smile back - then I know
She is my life. I was selected cause I was so small,
She was alone and I was lonely too,
And the time I lived with her has been sublime.
I am a little dog with one big heart,
Which swells with love for her because she knew
This was our life.

by Evelyn May Berrisford

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