The Modern Indian English Poetess

A modern careerist, professional girl
With the managerial expertise,
Calling herself a poet,
A girl mod, bobbed, hi-fi,
City-bred and fashionable
And ever changing,
Technical, mechanical
And artificial
In relationship and make-up.

A girl hotelier, hosteller,
of the convent,
Frank, bold and entrepreneurial,
Adventure-loving an risk-taking,
Always outing
With the work-experience
Or love of a career
Similar to that of the fashion designer,
The air-hostess, a beautician or an interior decorator.

She will not work in the house,
Will leave the kit hen
Into the hands of a care-taker,
A baby-sitter to take care of her children
And into the goggles will go for
Shopping and outing,
Dating and picnicking
And saying
That she is unmarried,
Still a bachelor,
Living single.

As a business executive, a private assistant,
A flower girl or a saleswoman,
A bar tender
or a cabaret dancer,
Likes she to work,
Take a career
Leaving the child
As for the husband to look after
And the food to cook,
Just like the daughter
Of a Marwari businessman.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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