The Moment Our Souls Bonded

Poem By Eila Mahima Jaipaul

I caught sight of my reflection
trailing in the mirror
I saw love there
I knew you were my undoing
yet in my darkness... my presently undying night
I know that I am yours

my grip on this world slips
I've lost my hold
and I look at the reflection.
Is that me you caress?
held tightly in your arms
despite the distance between us

you've taken me in your tenderness
and I float away with nothing to rely on
I hold still for a moment
closing my eye's reflection
I can remember without hesitation
the moment with absolute clarity....

you reach for me, tenderly bonding with a kiss
I can feel your heart
I rest in your arms
we mingle with each other
and I feel you in me
it is this moment our souls bonded.

Comments about The Moment Our Souls Bonded

when i read the title i thought' oh no another soppy love poem' but your poem was far better.i agree with mary..tender.well done
I love the tenderness here. Very sweet. Sincerely, Mary

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