BJH (05/29/65 / Missouri)

The Monarch’s Message

Depiction of orange and gold
Divided with tracings of black
Hovering over the hedges
Designing a world that we lack

Peripheral hallucination
Prophetic, inset, in relief
Conveying illumination
From Heaven’s hand to our feet

A whisper of wings wringing tunes
Blissful, yet sad, on the winds
Communicate life’s simple truth
There’s no greater value than friends

Clinging en masse to their neighbor
Dependent on grace of each one
Exemplifying the reason
We all need to trust in the Son

Every soul in this world is our brother
No matter how great, or how small
Remember, there is no distinction
‘tween enemies, allies, or pals

When watching the glory of nature
Covering trees in the night
There’s so much to learn, if we’ll listen
To gifts at the edge of our sight

So ponder a moment in prayer
When spying a lone butterfly
For each is a symbol of peace
Sent from God’s hand to our eye

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