The Monkey Living Inside Of Me

His mind is a fog which hides
the heavens. The sky holds the stars.
Why shouldn't people, as well?

He has eyes like feathers.
His mouth is a boulevard of lies.
His smile is hard and the color of tea.
His teeth are expensive and white
as the moon.

His hands are filled with sleep.
He is sad as a rainbow lost in the sunshine.
An albatross is wrapped around his heart,
singing dark songs.

He was told as a child that
all circus clowns practice cannibalism.
He is the dragon living in God's suitcase.

He waits for his soul to sail
into another lifetime, one spent drinking
margaritas with unicorns on the
storied sands of Puerto Vallarta.

Tomorrow, he will become an iguana.

by David Kowalczyk

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Bizzare imagery here which is simultaneously somewhat distancing and intriguing.