The Monster

A normal eveing is how it all began
She didn’t know the monster had came in
It stamped its feet to the top of the steps
Yelled her name — a way she’d never forget
She walked out the door and looked in his hand
Unsure on what to do — scared to death—she ran
Before she could think to take the next step
She felt a stone smash the back of her head
She fell to the floor as the monster attacked.
Bruised everywhere from her legs to her back
Just when she thought the monster had gone away
He turned her over and shot her in the waist
From that point on she knew her life was done
She’d never make it back to her home
But as every day goes by, she realizes she’s survived
As she tries her best to overcome that night
But as she’s being attacked she realizes
It always stops with a scream
Because — in reality, the monster is —just a dream.

by Rashidah Writs

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