The Months Of Us

Tell me you won't forget
That cold day we met
When the October stars
Showed me your scars
Then came the November breeze
And you made me feel at ease
Just tell me you remember
The snow falling in December
And that January night
When we had our first fight
Or that warm February sun
Under which you told me I was the one
In the March that followed
I stopped being hallowed
Do you recall the day in April
When we sat under that maple?
Or how I cried in May
When you went away
Don't try to erase
My June sunburned face
Or The bright blue sky
That was there in July
I know August was bad
It made us both sad
September was rough
By then we both had enough
The death of our ember
Finally came in December
I suppose our time was up
And it was time to grow up
We can't hide it
We can't fight it
We had our time
And now we must say good bye

by Rachel Hyle

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I like all the tie ins with the months and the events of the relationship. Thanks for sharing, Rachel