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The Moon And The Toy!

When I was a young boy
I asked my mother to get me the moon for a toy
My mother tried to teach
That the moon is beyond one's reach

I however thought it was unfair
And was angry, much to my poor mother's despair
My mother tried various means available
To make me calm but it was not possible

It was then that she took me out to the next street
And brought me a red shiny toy which was to the eyes a treat
It was strange that it was for the moon that I craved
And yet it just took a shiny red toy to make me well behaved

It is said that every man wants things to remain the way they are during his young life
But time, the peremptory master of one's fate, makes sure that change is rife
It was due to this that I grew
Childhood was over and nearer Adolescence drew

It was then that I saw the fair maiden the first time
I seemed to fall in love and it was not my crime
I tried to woo her but in vain
Alas in my company, she found no gain

It was then that I realized
What it means to be heartbroken and depressed
It looked as though one persons dislike
Was universal and the heart seemed to be pierced by a pike

Then the people who truly cared
Said this pain must be bared
For everyone has to go through this they said
And god expected me to go through what the others did

As the seasons changed from summer, autumn and rain
The same thing seemed to happen to me again and again
I began to wonder why this has to happen
It seemed to make my heart weaken

And then she came, as though out of nowhere
I was afraid, but I began to see her everywhere
She seemed to care
And understand the burden I had to bear

One day it was when the sun was burning bright
I let out what was there in my heart
She said she loves me as our eyes looked on
After trying to get many shiny red toys, I got the moon

by Sharath Kumar

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