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The Moon Calls To Me

The Moon calls to me again...My friend,
Sensing my darkness, it sends it's beam to a warm embrace.
Illuminating my thoughts,
Warming my heart,
Touching the very depths of my soul.

In that embrace...the darkness fades,
The memories...the feelings...they begin to pulse.
They come alive...and i think of you,
My Love.
Yes...My Love, from before the beginning..i knew this to be.

Mind..Heart and Soul joined together, cry out to you
My Love,
We are here,
Why can't you hear us, why can't you see us,
Why can't you love us. an instant...the gift is granted, our pleas are heard,
For such a brief time...we are one,
How i long for an eternity with you, a forever with you,
But we have this time, fleeting as it may be,
Until...The Moon calls to me again.

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