The Moon Is Up

The moon is up, the stars are bright.
the wind is fresh and free!
We're out to seek the gold tonight
across the silver sea!
The world is growing grey and old:
break out the sails again!
We're out to see a Realm of Gold
beyond the Spanish Main.

We're sick of all the cringing knees,
the courtly smiles and lies
God, let Thy singing channel breeze
lighten our hearts and eyes!
Let love no more be bought and sold
for earthly loss or gain;
We're out to seek an Age of Gold
beyond the Spanish Main.

Beyond the light of far Cathay,
beyond all mortal dreams,
Beyond the reach of night and day
Our El Dorado gleams,
Revealing - as the skies unfold -
A star without a stain,
The Glory of the Gates of Gold
beyond the Spanish Main.

by Alfred Noyes

Comments (2)

A most beautiful poem reflecting the sad age we live in today. At 90 years of age, I was very lucky to bet brought up in an age of truth, honesty, and gentle respectability.
Alfred Noyes is one of our great poets, not always recognised as such. Though his Highway is probably one of the top four most loved poems in English. The Moon is Up is one of his romantic best, too. I think he's talking about going to Heaven.