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A Sky So Blue
(January 30, 1935 – September 14, 1984 / Tacoma, Washington)

A Sky So Blue

I never noticed how beautiful the sky
is when you lay on the ground
I never noticed until I opened my eyes
and really looked around

I noticed the pretty white clouds
and the sky so Beautiful Blue
The innocence in the sky
reminded me so much of You

I wounder is you're happy
looking down from that great big sky
I wonder if you remember me
When you're sitting up there so high

I suppose everything will be okey
looking up at the sky so Blue
And I suppose the sky is happy
having someone up there like you

We had to do a 'Notice' poem in my English class... So this poem is kind of ammiture... but I hope you like it anywyas.//♥

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What about the Brautigan poem 'The Pill Versus the Springhill MIne Disaster' 'When you take your pill it is like a mine disaster- all those lives lost inside you.'