The More That You Can Do

Poem By Ubong Essien

We just don't know
Until we know
Or just be told
We can do more
Do better
Gain more
More and more
Even more
Ever the more
All that we can do

Sometimes we are truly more
Much more than who we are
Though we don't often think we are
And we are not often told we can
See more
Go deeper
Get stronger
Just as we really are

People often worth much more
Than all we think they are
We just may never think they are
They can
Or shall ever
Prove their worth before the sun
That we may see the more they can do

Until we see men swimming the desert oceans
Fishes flying in the air
Trees growing in the clouds
See the real beauty of life in men
And the Angels in the beasts
Do we really know possibility
And all that is possible

People may never think you are
You can
And shall ever
But you can
You know
They don't
And they won't
Until they see
The more that you can do

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