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The More We Know The Less We Know We Know

'Tis true the more knowledge we acquire the less we know we know
And for the decades that we live if we only have to show
A financial institution we did create that does not seem much at all
For the greatest human achievement when compared to Nature small.

If human kind on Planet Earth will become extinct Mother Nature will live on
She was there long before the first human being and she will be there long after the last of our kind has gone
Into the nothing of nothingness and traces of our work not to be seen
New life on Planet Earth will thrive and the World will look more green.

What we do unto Mother Earth with our poisonous chemicals and bombs unto our own selves we do
The first person to speak these words his or her truth still ringing true
Mother Earth in time will recover though her we may try to destroy
And other forms of life will thrive on her long after the last human die.

The more we know the less we know we know words from a wiser person by far than I
And those words today are so relevant and to everyone apply
And this Planet that we live off yet know so little about we dropp bombs on from the sky
But Mother Earth she will live on 'tis our own selves we'll destroy

by Francis Duggan

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