The Morning After

Poem By David Blake

Sitting alone by a great sea visions of an
unknown world call out to me. Children
dancing and singing in a valley of green
among the flowers lying in the shadows
of the great trees. Young and free,
unaware of the agony that their age has
not yet bore, they continue on in their
carless play. It is in their treasure of
innocence and ignorance that I know so
often adore. In a land of dreams
among the lilies pure and free, in this
vision I have found truth and love.

Comments about The Morning After

What a nice feel this has to it, I especially like the stanza It is in their treasure of innocence and ignorance..... how true it is to watch children oblivious of what life has in store.... Very touching write..... Bonnie
A pleasure to read indeed David! Thank you for sharing! ! *10*! ! Best regards Thad

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